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It is very important that our children know how to keep themselves safe online. ‘Thinkuknow’ has designed these lessons to support children.  Please follow the link below to find the activities to complete for your child’s age group.

Thinkuknow Activities

Water Safety Information and Activities



7 Top Tips for Reading at Home

Learning Activities Term 6 wb 13.07.20

Transition Sheet for new Yellow Class

Transition Sheet for new Red Class

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 06.07.20

My hobby template

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 29.06.20

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 22.06.20

Home Learning Art Builders Project

Eye Colour Tally Chart

Hair Colour Tally Chart

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 15.06.20

Playdough Recipe

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 08.06.20

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 01.06.20

My Worry Monster

Topic Web – All about me

Learning Activities Term 5 w/b 18.05.20

Dinosaur – Fossils

Odds and Evens 1

Odds and Evens 2

Phase 3 Yes/No Questions

Letter Formation Families

Learning Activities Term 5 w/b 11.05.20

Number Formation

Letter Formation

Tricky Words

The Cautious Caterpillar

Learning Activities Term 5 w/b 04.05.20

Bug Hotel Competition

Minibeast Hunt Checklist


Learning Activities Term 5 w/b 27.04.20

Number Formation w/b 27.04.20

Letter Formation Families w/b 27.04.20

Mud Painting

Mud Bricks

Learning Activities Term 5 w/b 20.04.20

Topic Web

Letter Formation Families

Mother and their young

Sound Mats

Where does food come from?


If you have had a change in circumstances due to the current situation then please copy and paste the link below and follow the page to see if you are now eligible for a FSM. If you have any queries please contact the school office and speak to Kelly or Karen.



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Year R online learning tasks

This really useful online provider is giving fortnightly learning tasks. https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/support-tools/home-activity-worksheets?utm_source=Thinkuknow&utm_campaign=03cb8440df-TUK_ONLINE_SAFETY_AT_HOME_24_03_20&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0b54505554-03cb8440df-55122817

Year R Learning Tasks

23rd March – 1st April 2020

Planning Week 5 and 6
Tricky words and High Frequency Words
Sound Mats
number line
Number formation
number card template
Letter formation families

Year R Learning week beginning 16th March

This week the children have been practising finding one more of numbers to 10 and have been finding the different ways to make 10. They are counting on their fingers and adding one more, singing songs that add one more and have been adding one more to groups of objects and finding how many they have. They are exploring the connections between counting in order and adding one more. They have been using their fingers to find 2 numbers that when added together they make 10 and they have been separating groups of 10 objects into 2 groups to find 2 amounts that total 10.

The children have been focusing on the words and letters needed to write inside their special card for the weekend. They have been learning to write the tricky word ‘to’ and been sounding out the words ‘mum’ & ‘happy’. They have been practising writing the letters of ‘Mother’s Day’ correctly using the correct formation and have sounded out the word ‘from’. They have practised using their best writing to write their name.

They have been practising the sounds qu, ch & sh, writing & reading the words queen, quit, quick, quack, chop, much, rich, cash, shell, shop & shed. They have been learning the tricky words ‘get’, ‘his’ & ‘but’.

Children have been learning to identify materials that can be recycled and how do they need to be prepared for recycling. They have been recycling ‘junk’ designing a 3d model and then building it.

Please note that due to yesterdays government advice the Year R craft afternoon to be held on 24th March has now been cancelled.

Year R Newsletter - Term 4 2020
Overview Topics for 2019 2020

Useful words to learn in Year R